Readers 11-20 plus Word Skills & Audio

10-book set of Fitzroy Readers 11-20, A4-workbook Word Skills 11-20, plus Fitzroy Readers Audio CD 11-20 that are suitable for year one level or equivalent students.

This special-offer pack is a great way to purchase multiple products across one level of our products.

The pack includes:

  • Fitzroy Readers 11-20
  • Word Skills 11-20
  • Fitzroy Readers Audio CD 11-20
Purchase options for the workbooks:
  • Single workbook for individual student use as in this pack.
  • Workbook with 12-month copy permit, available as a physical book or digital file. Suitable for teachers and other professionals who wish to duplicate the contents of the book on one campus. A FREE Answer Book is included with the Copy Permit. 
  • Carton of 30 of the same workbook.