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Where to Start - English

Fitzroy Readers and Word Skills workbooks

The Fitzroy Program is a complete F-6 phonic literacy resource. Nine sets of ten readers form the core of the program. The accompanying Word Skills workbooks provide activities that focus on each new sound and/or digraph introduced in the readers, as well as spelling, grammar, comprehension and creative English exercises.

Given the sequential nature of the program, it is ideal to start at the beginning. However, students can enter the Fitzroy Program at any stage of literacy development. When in doubt, it is generally recommended that the student commence at an earlier level, to increase their confidence and fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

The following table indicates where the Fitzroy Readers and Word Skills workbooks fit in the first seven years of schooling:

4 yr old / Prep/ Foundation

Fitzroy Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book Contents Page

Prep / Foundation

Readers & Word Skills 1-10

W/S 1-10 Contents Page

Prep / Foundation

Readers & Word Skills 1x-10x

W/S 1x-10x Contents Page

Year 1

Readers & Word Skills 11-20

W/S 11-20 Contents Page

Year 1 / 2

Readers & Word Skills 11x-20x

W/S 11x-20x Contents Page

Year 2

Readers & Word Skills 21-30

W/S 21-30 Contents Page

Year 2 / 3

Readers & Word Skills 21x-30x

W/S 21x-30x Contents Page

Year 3 / 4

Readers & Word Skills 31-40

W/S 31-40 Contents Page

Year 4 / 5

Readers & Word Skills 41-50

 W/S 41-50 Contents Page

Year 6

Readers & Word Skills 51-55 & 56-60

W/S 51-55   W/S 56-60 Contents Pages


Read about the links between The Fitzroy Program and the Australian Curriculum.

Entry Level Tests can be used to help gauge where to start a student in the Fitzroy Program.

The Master List shows which digraphs are introduced at each level of the Fitzroy Program and may help in choosing the right entry point for the learner.

The Comparison of Levels chart shows how the Fitzroy Readers sit alongside Reading Recovery and the PM Readers.