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I used these when I was homeschooling my daughter for prep. Such an excellent product! Very clear and well graded.
-Mary Oh Carol, August 2018
I've just started using these with my son who is in Grade 1, and who has been struggling hugely with learning to read. It is so nice for him to have something to read that he can 'get' and work through without being overwhelmed and giving up/guessing everything. It is only early days for us with these readers, but I hope it continues well.
-Danielle Couch, October 2018
The practice with pronunciation is excellent.
-Isabel, project manager of  Bright Futures Foundation, Kathmandu, November 2018
My son's reading and comprehension have improved so much.
-Juliet Tang, December 2018
Fitzroy Readers are perfectly matched to help a wide range of readers to achieve success. As a teacher, I like the Fitzroy reading system because each book builds on words that a child already knows. Each reader does this by including a familiar word list, the blend focus and any special words a child may need to know by including a list of foci at the front of the book. Each text has clear, easy-to-read print and well illustrated pictures to match. Finally, at the end of the book, a new word list that includes familiar words and some new words is included. Great revision! Each series of books also comes with comprehension, word and blend activities to support a child with their learning. A great series of books that builds on and extends a child’s ability to read!
-Rebekah S., teacher, 2016
Thanks to Fitzroy Readers and [Word Skills] workbooks, I have had years of happy teaching of literacy to EAL students. The logical and step-by-step phonics create confidence and mastery, while the stories are engaging and interesting. The illustrations are attractive, but no guessing is necessary, as the reading system promotes clarity in place of the demoralising confusion and arbitrariness of many other reading programs. For EAL learners, vocabulary is slowly introduced and reinforced, and the workbooks strengthen the students' knowledge while gently guiding them to more challenging tasks all the time. The new books 11x-20x were a great new addition. Thanks, Fitzroy Readers!
-Ruth, teacher, 2016
We have been using Fitzroy Readers since 2011. We use them on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. The children love the sessions and become more confident as their skills improve. We use them throughout the school as part of our Literacy Support Program and find them a practical way to teach the skills the students don’t have and entrench the ones they do. The combination of story/comprehension/spelling/ grammar/vocabulary/story-writing in the worksheets makes Fitzroy Readers one of the best all-round literacy tools available. I would and do recommend Fitzroy Readers to my colleagues.
-Sharon T., teacher, 2016
As a teacher of students with learning needs, I have used these readers with great success over many years. They are well printed and I love the way they just introduce a few sounds or words in each book and have great follow-up resources with the Word Skills books and computer activities. Students who need the repetition and revision do not get bored as they are enjoying themselves too much. A fantastic resource for any school from Reception to Year 7.
-Jenny M., teacher, 2016
Congratulations, Fitzroy, on reaching the big 40 years!!! I have been using the Fitzroy Reading Program for 12 years in a number of settings, including; Juvenile Justice Education (10-18yr olds); Special/Remedial classrooms; and, more recently, a remote Indigenous (EAL) classroom. In each of these settings, I have found the readers, student workbooks, assessments and manuals to be invaluable. The Fitzroy Reading Program allows each student to work at their own pace. Students love working through the books, especially in a multi-levelled classroom setting. Relief/casual teachers can come in on any day and everything is done for them! The text and illustrations have appealed to all my students (gender; socio/cultural backgrounds; mixed abilities). Thanks, team!
-Liz, teacher, 2016
I'm a Literacy and Assessment Coach at a secondary college and the Fitzroy Readers have been an invaluable resource in helping our most struggling readers. I was aware of the educational impact of phonics-based approaches, but the online materials I had used had been lacking and disengaging, but that all changed with Fitzroy Readers. Even my Reading teachers gush about how helpful they are in their classes and find them extremely helpful in identifying the phonological gaps in their students learning. Perhaps the most valuable component for me has been running a guided reading group and giving other students Fitzroy Readers materials to work on independently while I have guided students through a more complex text. As they are levelled, it is really easy to get something that's right in a student’s ZPD to work on independently and they love it! So many challenges are faced by students who are given the wrong difficulty of task. Too easy and they disengage, too hard and they become frustrated. Fitzroy Readers make it really easy to avoid this. If you've got some students with some phonological gaps or who are just emerging in their reading, then I would thoroughly recommend the Fitzroy Readers as an invaluable and helpful resource in all sorts of classrooms.
-Charlie W, school coach, 2016
Thank you, Fitzroy Readers, for saving two of my boys from reading failure. Two of my sons were reading at two years below their peers, due to the method currently used in schools. I heard about Fitzroy Readers from a friend, and they're now both able to read at an acceptable level. My 10-year-old has stopped misbehaving at school, as he now feels confident in his learning, and doesn't have to try to be the naughty boy instead of the "slow" boy. He's now the smart boy! I also used Fitzroy Readers to teach my youngest, who is now in Grade 1 and reading at a Grade 3 level....so a big THANK YOU from the boys and their mum.
-Janine, parent, 2016
As a Learning and Support Teacher I have been using the Fitzroy readers as a resource for my small group interventions in primary school. Also I train up the School Learning Support Officers on how to use the readers, CD-roms and Word Skills books when they need materials to support struggling readers in classes. They are well written, systematic, and can be a springboard for supportive phonics instruction.
-Gillian, teacher, 2016
We use the Fitzroy Readers as an excellent resource as clients progress through the treatment and begin to read for the first time or develop their reading accuracy and comprehension skills. They are well written and follow a logical progression for those developing their reading skills.
-Alison Lawson Centre, Victoria 2016
The Fitzroy Readers are one of the best graded readers out there. I use them for teaching students who are learning English as a foreign language, and they work really well. I can recommend them to all English students.
-Dan, teacher, 2016
We enrolled our third child in Bridge Education the year before he started primary school in Victoria. He had ADHD and was unmedicated. The Fitzroy Readers were used exclusively at this school. The brilliant teacher taught our child, who struggled to sit still and concentrate, to read with the Fitzroy Readers. He attended the school only one day a week. When he had his testing at State School, for his entry into prep, they stated that he was already three quarters of the way through prep for his reading abilities. It was amazing for him to reach this level, and essential, as we knew that in the larger classroom environment he would struggle with his learning. The Fitzroy Readers were a great success. We have four children and between them they have attended both state and private schools for their primary education. The Fitzroy Readers were the BEST readers and graded reading system we encountered. All schools should use them. Needless to say our fourth child also attended Bridge Education and used the Fitzroy Readers!
-Sarah, parent, 2016
My mother brought the Fitzroy Readers over 20 years ago when the school my (now 27-year-old) niece was attending told us, at the end of her Grade 2, that she could not read. She was taught to read, so was her brother (5 years later) by their grandmother. They [Fitzroy Readers] went into storage and have resurfaced to use for my son who was diagnosed with a severe language disability, severe auditory processing disorder and no working memory. He has used the readers and the workbooks. While reading two years behind his peers, he is reading. This was something that we all feared would never happen.
-Melanie, parent, 2016
I was so glad to find these readers! I read the Teacher's Guide to understand the approach and it just makes so much sense! I used these readers to teach my eldest son to read. We started with the Fitzroy Sounds CD and books that go with it, while he was at kindergarten. We then progressed through the readers during Prep and Grade 1. I am constantly amazed at how well he can read! I am now taking the same approach with my second son, who is even keener to read, having seen how his brother can do it!
-Elizabeth D, parent, 2016
I have taught three children to read with the help of the first four stages of the [Fitzroy] Readers. I have not needed to use a phonics course because the readers are so well graded and the kids love to read the next book, and often read them on their own for extra practice.
-Natasha, parent, 2016
When my children were struggling to learn to read using their school's standard readers, I purchased the Fitzroy Readers. Extraordinary results! I started from the first reader and they really understood how to read very quickly. They progressed much faster than we expected and then grew to love reading. There was no pressure which was important, but just fun reading and re-reading the Fitzroy Readers.
-Felicity, parent, 2016
When my daughter was 5 years old I discovered the Fitzroy Readers in our local Library. By the end of her Preschool year she was reading. We worked through the whole program. Because of the readers she became a really good reader and a good speller. Last year in Grade 9 she got a high distinction in English. This I credit to the Fitzroy Readers Program. I recently have been thinking of buying the first set for a friend who has a little girl who is in Prep. I can't recommend them highly enough.
-Bev, parent, 2016
I have readers 31-40 and they are brilliant for children with dyslexia. I tutor and every time I go to buy them from Gumtree, they have been snapped up as they are so excellent. A full set would be awesome for all the kids I work with.
-Felicity, tutor, 2016
I have been using the Fitzroy Readers with children who have been struggling with reading and children who have been learning to read for over 10 years now. I would recommend this reading program to everyone. I highly rate their maths program as well.
-Julie, remedial teacher, 2016
As the home-schooling mother of a child with Down Syndrome, I found it extremely difficult to find readers that would allow my son to move at his own pace and that also had enough support material to keep him interested whilst he was working hard with his new words. Fitzroy Readers allowed us to be successful in the area of reading. It has been a great encouragement to us to be able to achieve in this way.
-Catherine, home schooler, 2016
As a family in our first year of home-schooling, I have heard wonderful things about Fitzroy Readers. We had been borrowing them from our library but the selection there isn't a lot. My twins aged 6 are enjoying the books we've been able to get and their progress has been great. To engage in a full set with no time restrictions, taking as long as needed, would be a fantastic addition to our learning experience.
-Kat H, home schooler, 2016
I was very nervous as a homeschool mum trying to teach my child to read. At age 8, he still wasn't reading anything yet. We started the Fitzroy Program and he has gone forward in leaps & bounds! Together with the accompanying Word Skills worksheets, he is now a confident reader & writer. I highly recommend this program, I can't praise it enough! I'd shout from the rooftops to anyone who wants to teach their child to read; 'FITZROY, FITZROY, FITZROY!'
-Freshie, home schooler, 2016
Best Australian Phonics Program: As a homeschooling parent, I cannot recommend the Fitzroy Method highly enough. My three children, aged 8, 7 and 5, love the books and their progress has been nothing short of amazing. My five-year-old started reading the books when she was four and her knowledge of the English language is incredible. My oldest son (8) has only 16 books left to read and his grasp of English grammar is fantastic. Why settle for anything less? Try the Fitzroy Method for yourself and you'll not be disappointed.
-Claudia, home schooler, 2016
I think this program is the best that I have come across for all types of readers. I am a qualified teacher who homeschools her 4 children. I have two dyslexic readers and I find this phonics based program excellent and meets the needs of all my children. I would not hesitate to recommend this program.
-Rebecca, teacher, 2016
I am a home-school mum with a son age 9 and daughter age 7. We began home education at the beginning of this year because my son was having some difficulties with his school work. It was very hard to find a reading and spelling program that was easy to teach. I tried one and found it very complicated. I found the Fitzroy Readers web site and was very attracted to how easy to follow it was and that the program was so logical in its approach. I got the readers and workbooks for the kids. We have had great success with the whole program. The kids like it and I find the lessons very easy to deliver. This is an excellent program.
-Sophie, home schooler, 2016
I find the readers extremely useful. They are integrated into our school curriculum and done at all levels of primary school. I particularly like the fact that they are written on a ‘gradient approach’ (as far as new sounds and words are concerned).
-C.A., teacher, Athena School, NSW, Australia
A great resource. I enjoy using the program.
-J.M., teacher, Brookvale Public School, NSW, Australia
I have been using your Fitzroy Readers with my special children and they love them. I find them very good. Their simplicity is great!
-G.A., Support Teacher, St. Bernard's, Australia
I thought I would write to you, to let you know the books you sent me just before Christmas have been put to very good use. A bright little boy (9yrs), reading at early Grade 1, progressed 1 year in less than 1 week. Another boy about to repeat Grade 3 progressed from early Grade 1 to early Grade 3 in 3 ½ days. He told his grandmother – “I think I’ve got it.”
-Margaret Paterson, teacher, Yambuna, Australia
I have had great success using your books in my foreign language classes with young learners in Taiwan. The Fitzroy Readers are far and away the best of their kind. Thank you for providing a product of such high quality.
-James A., teacher, Taiwan
Your readers have been an enormous help in my Resource Teaching.
-E.M., Principal, NSW, St. Bede’s
Just a quick note to say that the students using the Fitzroy Program are experiencing such success at school and at home with their reading. We are also receiving wonderful feedback from parents regarding their children’s eagerness to read these books. Thank you.
-S. C., teacher, Prescott Primary - Southern, Australia
I am pleased to recommend Fitzroy Readers to parents and teachers. The benefits of the Fitzroy Readers include the following: 1. Enjoyable stories which appeal to the reader 2. A systematic approach to teaching vocabulary and spelling 3. A finely graded introduction of new vocabulary and spelling 4. A complete program covering all the main spelling patterns of written English. My own daughters have been educated using the Fitzroy Readers and are now achieving excellent academic results at the University of Melbourne and in the senior levels of high school.
-Professor Michael E. Hamel-Green, Victoria University, Melbourne
Our family has benefited greatly from the literacy program represented by the Fitzroy Readers. My son, who is otherwise an able learner, was not able to benefit from non-phonic modes of reading education. In a few months, exposed to the readers and the method they represent, he was able to read well beyond his chronological age. My daughter was lucky enough to be taught the Fitzroy Method right from the beginning. She has always been an able and keen reader and we both consider this to be due in no small part to the Fitzroy experience. In the course of trying to find solutions for my son, I came across none any where as good as the Fitzroy Method. The books are not only an excellent source of reading education, they are also interesting and fun for children and beautifully presented and illustrated. I cannot praise them too highly.
-Cathy Lowy, Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne
A Fat Cat is probably the first book that many of the students I work with can ever read.
-Cheryl D, teacher
I have, during my thirteen years association with this school [Fitzroy Community School], seen a one hundred percent success rate in literacy, a high degree of competence and a love of language and literature. My own first child had a problem with literacy, even though he was attending a highly regarded fee-paying school. I did not want this situation to occur again with my second son. I researched literacy methods and discovered the Fitzroy Readers, which I used in my private tutoring business. I subsequently made contact with the Fitzroy Community School, at which the readers had been developed and tested. I enrolled my second son at the Fitzroy school. He enjoyed outstanding results. Due to his primary education under the Fitzroy Program, he won an academic scholarship to Melbourne Grammar School, one of the top academic schools of Australia. Having used the Fitzroy Readers over many years, I wish to make the following comments: An ideal English method for children of all ages and abilities; A very tightly structured program which builds sequentially in small manageable steps, beginning with A Fat Cat - a delightful story for beginner readers; The range runs up to Book 60 - a book of suitable complexity for established readers, who will be able to read a newspaper accurately; The strict serial nature of the readers avoids the confusion of presenting material not covered – apart from the new step being clearly introduced with each reader. I have tutored many children and found the Fitzroy Readers a wonderful resource. I recommend this English learning program without hesitation.
-J. H., Vice Principal of Fitzroy Community School, Melbourne, Australia
The Fitzroy Program is really great for my students and I would be lost if I did not have these readers and worksheets. Thanks so much.
-Jenny Starr, tutor, VIC, Australia
The Fitzroy Readers are the most used and valuable resource at our speech pathology service.
-Monique Thompson, Lala Speech Pathology, Bairnsdale, VIC
I have found Fitzroy Readers a very pleasant and helpful reading resource for my clients and for my own children, too.
-S.M., tutor, NSW, Australia
I have been using your readers with success for the children who come to me after school for private tutoring. As these are children in difficulty, your Fitzroy Readers are very much appreciated by them. Again, thanks for your effort in producing the readers, as I will continue to use them and to recommend them to Remedial Teachers.
-Mrs Helen Dempsey, tutor, Topline Video Productions, Australia
I love your readers. In my private practice as a tutor, your readers have brought virtually instant success in beginning reading to almost all of the failing students that have been referred to me. I shall never forget the time they unwittingly helped me to cause a worried mum to cry. Her daughter spent over two years in one of our modern state funded ‘community’ schools. The mother had never heard her daughter read, and there had always been stress and rebellion at the suggestion of a ‘hearing reading time’ at home. Within forty-five minutes Alicia read A Fat Cat out loud and almost unaided…the first unstressed success experience in reading in her short life. Her mum could scarcely believe her eyes and ears but she had to. She cried. Within weeks, and under mum’s supervision alone, Alicia had devoured all your readers and was looking around for more. Congratulations!
-Chris Nugent, tutor, Nugent Literacy Testing
Fitzroy Readers are the best system I know of. Even if you don’t know the system you will get results. It’s fantastic.
-Bryan Edwards, tutor, Sydney, Australia
I am delighted with the results achieved from these readers. I was very concerned with the progress being made by my 6 year old granddaughter in reading skills. Her confidence and ability has increased enormously. She now wants to read to everybody. And she is happy to go to school!
-J.C., grandparent, VIC
Thank you for Fitzroy Maths books 16-20 which I received today. I am so happy with the program. My son now loves maths and says "it is easy". He told me last week that school use to scare him because he didn't understand what the teachers wanted him to do, but now he says "It is fun"!
We started working with the Fitzroy Readers when my son was 7 (Year 2, he was at reading level 3). We worked our way through the readers and, three months later, he was reading at Level 30 (whatever that means) but, he could read! That is what lead us on to the Fitzroy Maths, which I am as equally as happy with. Thank you, Fitzroy Team, for offering a solution to a massive problem.
I just wanted to write to let you know how valuable the Fitzroy Readers program is at our school. We use it with students who are struggling with literacy, particularly reading, spelling and comprehension. We have a number of students on the program at present, however I would love to tell you about two boys in particular. These two boys are currently in Grade 4. They have always struggled with literacy and began with Book 1 in May last year. They struggled to read the very first book and had trouble sounding out the basic sounds that the letters made. They have worked on Fitzroy Readers a few times a week for the last 12 months. In that time they have developed confidence and skill and fluency. They are now reading book 34 fluently and completing the worksheets without any problem. To see these boys develop a love of reading over the last 12 months has been very satisfying. They are much more confident readers and are doing so much better with their comprehension and spelling. The difference that this program has made in their lives is amazing and I would highly recommend Fitzroy Readers to anyone with reluctant readers.
-Sue A., teacher, Victoria
Thank you Fitzroy Readers! My son is six and was struggling with his reading. To him the spelling of some words didn't seem logical so he was always questioning them and would give up easily. We have purchased the full set of Fitzroy Readers and the improvement is incredible. He is now enjoying reading, he loves getting to know the sounds, special words and announces when words are not-so-special anymore. He is also now very accepting of those very special words that he accepts will never make sense when he sounds them out. Your method builds knowledge and understanding one reader at a time! Your approach has created an enthusiastic little reader - thank you!
-K. D., Canberra
Feedback from our teachers regarding the training program which has been implemented in our classrooms has been exceptionally positive and the results already are proving amazing!
-Sue, Heathmont East Primary School
I have a 7 ¾ year old girl now in her 3rd year of schooling. She began to have tutoring in the Lindamood-Bell system Sept. 93 which is a sound/phonic system. I purchased your books approximately 2 months ago and they have provided an excellent match to this program. She is making steady progress, now starting on your Level 1 books. The gain in her confidence and interest is amazing - she makes words with letters on the fridge etc. just for fun - before she wasn’t interested or able to do this. There are still letter reversal problems to overcome but she is improving. Thank you.
-Mrs R Faiers, Parent, Tamworth, Australia
I have ordered the Fitzroy Programs for my school recently. I have found them OUTSTANDING. Some years ago I taught my son to read, using them before he began school. Now my granddaughter has been put into the remedial reading group at her school. I have been using the old books I had for her and she has made more progress in 6 weeks with me and the Fitzroy Program than she did in the 12 months of Year 1. Would you please send me an order form for my personal use - she is progressing so fast, I need to order more books to keep up with her. She is also enjoying (LOVING) the readers and has regained her self confidence. Thank you and congratulations on your program!
-Ms Maitina Millard, parent, Australia
Our beautiful grandson … was a bright and quick learner and loved us to read to him. He started school and was doing well at everything except reading – which we just couldn't understand. Then one day the children's librarian mentioned Fitzroy Readers. I sent away for them and we started working on them immediately. All I can say is that it was like a switch turned on in Josh's brain almost immediately and from then on he read everything. This year he is 21 and has finished his Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne Uni and has just started his Honours year. I would say this is a success story, wouldn't you? I had reason to look up your website again because my daughter … has just found out that her 5 year old is having trouble with learning his alphabet and reading words so I … have sent her your site and will wait for her to tell me what she needs. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, Best Regards, Merle K
-Merle K., parent
I thought you may appreciate feedback from a home educator using your readers and worksheets as a first year literacy program. During my initial search for a good first year program, it took me some time to locate a reader series that was a good blend of phonic teaching principles as well as memorising new words in a progressive way. Many programs I encountered seemed to polarise in one direction or the other. Eventually I found just what I had in mind, a complete set of the Fitzroy Readers in our local library. These readers are very popular with children and parents. I say this because I have never yet been able to just get what I want off the shelf. The readers are always ‘out’. Invariably to get what I want I need to put them on order. The library is thinking of getting another set I believe. Anyway, my five year old, Andrew is up to Fitzroy Reader No. 19 – Mark and Mars. I know very little about what to expect as normal development, however I can say that Andrew started this year unable to read. We had laid the groundwork of course with the alphabet and some sounds. Andrew himself, has always set the pace. Now he is reading Mark and Mars with fluency. I attribute part of this success to your very well written readers and progressive worksheets. We look forward to continuing the program next year.
-Janet Achilleos, parent, Australia
Thank you for presenting readers which deal so effectively with the base blocks of reading.
-Mrs M. Kennett, parent, Australia
As a parent I find your books a wonderful resource.
-Dianne Hilton, Treasurer, Tambelin Independent School Inc., Australia
I have found the Fitzroy Program to be a most effective resource in helping my 9-year old daughter cope with dyslexia. She was tested by a psychologist both before and after reading your books and her comprehension was found to have improved markedly. I plan to use the program with other dyslexic children. Thanks again.
-Suzanne, parent, Australia
I have put this new [Fitzroy Sounding Readers] software straight to use. My student was delighted with the ability to hear his internal monologue read back to him, having never received auditory feedback from his reading before. It was a truly magic moment to see his enthusiasm. It made my day. The sounding out component is brilliant for phonemic and phonological awareness. Students are able to track each phoneme visually, as it is articulated. It will greatly assist spelling and writing ability as well. The priming and post reading activities reinforce the components of the text superbly. Having the irregular high frequency words highlighted differently, reinforces visually that these words must be remembered by sight and cannot be sounded out. I knew this would be another great Fitzroy Readers product, and was not disappointed.
-Kristin Anthian, Educational and Developmental Consultant, Supporting Diverse and Exceptional Learners