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Fitzroy Alphabet Book

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A 60-page, A4 workbook, plus A3 two-sided full-colour chart. This book is a complete preparation for starting the Fitzroy Readers and Word Skills.

The Alphabet Book is a pre-reading and writing workbook. It teaches the basic sounds of all of the letters, and is filled with pages of enjoyable games and activities. It also has several pages of pre-writing exercises to help develop fine motor skills.

With this workbook, children:

  • practise letter recognition
  • learn the basic sounds of the letters
  • link letters to images
  • make their first two-letter words
  • learn to write the letters
  • begin to get acquainted with alphabetical order.

List of Contents

Purchase options for the workbooks:

  • Single workbook for individual use.
  • Multiple workbook purchase options at discounted prices.
  • Workbook with 12-month copy permit, available as a physical book or digital file. Suitable for teachers and other professionals who wish to duplicate the contents of the book on one campus.