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Catch the subtleties of French language and culture - B1-C2

  Browse through and listen to a magazine

Bimonthly magazine (6 issues per year) with audio to strengthen your French while learning about French culture.

• Written by language specialists up to C1 level and by journalists for C2 level.

• Over 45 pages of articles written in French with keys to understanding French-speaking culture and society: idiomatic expressions, current and familiar vocabulary, spontaneous conversations at an advanced level. Content is based on themes: on classified themes: society, history, travel, cultural and economic news.

• Audio, essential to use with the magazine for complete immersion: articles read by native speakers , intonation and pronunciation exercises and spontaneous conversations.

• Interactive Exercises (Bien-dire Plus) in addition to the magazine for complete and effective learning.

Available in print or digital versions, individually or as a 1-year subscription (6 issues) or 2-year subscription (12 issues).

Not sure about your French level?

No worries, you can switch from Bien-dire to Bien-dire Initial during a subscription

Fitzroy Readers distribute the Bien-dire products, which are published in France.