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Where to Start - Maths

Fitzroy Maths workbooks

Fitzroy Maths is made up of six sets of five workbooks. The Maths workbooks use the same step-by-step principle and logical sequencing as the Fitzroy Readers. It is ideal to start Fitzroy Maths at the beginning but they can be introduced at later stages of numeracy development. When in doubt, it is recommended that the student commence at an earlier level to increase confidence and fill in any gaps in their knowledge. Fitzroy Maths workbooks use minimal English and allow students to work at their own pace.

The following table provides a guide to where the Fitzroy Maths fit into primary schooling:

1-5 Beginner
4 year-old kinder/Prep
6-10 Junior 
Prep/Grade 1
11-15 Early 
Grade 1/Grade 2
16-20 Progress 
Grade 2/Grade 3
21-25 Consolidating
Grade 3/Grade 4
26-30 Continuing 
Grade 4/Grade 5


Please refer to the relevant product descriptions for more specific information about the topics covered at each level.

Individual students can also try the Maths Entry Level Tests for an indication of where to start.