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Readers Big Books

The first five packs of Fitzroy Readers are also available as Big Books for classroom or group use. Each full-colour page is A3-size, and the print has been further enlarged to be easily readable from metres away. These are perfect for group reading and discussion of the storyline and pictures, as well as the new sounds and special words. The word lists at the end of each Big Book are also enlarged for group participation.
Big Books 1-10
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Big Books 1-10 AU$199.95
Big Books 1x-10x
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Big Books 1x-10x AU$199.95
Big Books 11-20
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Big Books 11-20 AU$199.95
Big Books 11x-20x
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Big Books 11x-20x AU$199.95
Big Books 21-30
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Big Books 21-30 AU$199.95
ALL Big Books – Special Offer
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ALL Big Books – Special Offer AU$799.80