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The Best Alphabet Books For Toddlers

The Best Alphabet Books For Toddlers

There are so many books out there that aim to teach toddlers and preschoolers their ABCs. Here are the best alphabet books for this age group that both teachers and children will love.


Learning their ABCs

For many children, their introduction to English literacy development will begin with the ABCs. Learning the alphabet is an important step in understanding how letters function in written and spoken language. This stage of literacy development can be assisted with ABC books for kids and activities that allow toddlers to practise phonic letter sounds out loud.

This can include sing-along music to help children learn the basic alphabet sounds, as well as visual aids to link letters to images and identify phonically-correct basic letter sounds. This will help to build foundational skills for reading and writing, such as being able to form and name letters, differentiate between visually similar letters, and recognise their corresponding sounds.

As literacy skills develop, they can also progress into pre-writing exercises to help develop fine motor skills to set them up for future writing success.

If you’re unsure about the age to introduce alphabet books or where they fit with the school curriculum, take a look at our guide for starting with the Fitzroy Program

The Benefits of Teaching Resources

Teaching resources can take many different forms and can be used to support learning and development inside and outside of a classroom setting. Well-crafted resources are an important part of teaching and building confidence in English.

The purpose of educational resources is to help guide children on their learning journey and reinforce their interest in written English. 

Teaching resources like workbooks, picture cards and audio aids give children a range of learning activities to keep them engaged. This is important in keeping young minds interested, and engages a variety of senses to assist in their learning.

Not only does this benefit their literacy development, it also gives teachers the tools to support different learning styles. Presenting a flexible and engaging way of learning allows children to find their own way through a task. This reinforces their teachers' lessons as  children learn better when they are taught using more than one approach.

The Best Alphabet Books for Toddlers

The best alphabet books are ones that provide a variety of learning methods and tools. For pre-schoolers around the age of 4, or entering Prep or Foundation education, Fitzroy has some great resources to assist their learning:


Fitzroy Sounds

Fitzroy Sounds uses sing-along music to help children learn the sounds made by the letters of the alphabet. As they listen, they can also use letter cards that show words and pictures that begin with the phonically correct basic letter sound. By using both audio and visual learning techniques, children can gain a greater understanding of how the sights and sounds of the alphabet come together. 

The pack includes: 

  • Two audio CDs that give phonetic (EAL) and traditional (native speaker) pronunciation of the 26 letter sounds (as well as downloadable MP3 files)
  • 26 letter cards with pictures carefully chosen to phonically support each letter sound
  • Letter-writing exercises, including stroke order and capital letters.

Fitzroy Sounds is a fun way to learn the basic letter sounds, fast-tracking early reading development. The pack is particularly useful for EAL students, as well as teachers who are new to the phonics approach to teaching literacy to beginners.

Learn more about Fitzroy Sounds here.

Fitzroy Alphabet Book

The Fitzroy Alphabet Book is a pre-reading and writing workbook that teaches children the basic sounds of all of the letters. It allows children to practise letter recognition, link letters to images, make their first two-letter words, learn to write letters, and begin to get acquainted with alphabetical order.

The book includes: 

  • A 60-page, A4 workbook, plus A3 two-sided full-colour chart
  • A range of engaging games and activities to help them learn the alphabet
  • Pre-writing exercises to develop fine motor skills.

The Alphabet Book is the perfect way to introduce children to the alphabet inside or outside of the classroom, and support their learning through the phonics approach. It can also be used alongside Fitzroy Sounds for supported learning. 

Whether you need them for the home or your school, there are a range of great options. Find out more here

Ready to Move Beyond Alphabet Books? 

The Fitzroy Alphabet Book and Fitzroy Sounds provide a complete preparation for starting the Fitzroy Readers and Word Skills books. These resources further develop children’s literacy skills from Prep to Year 6 using a phonic approach. Each book builds on the one before by introducing a new sound or digraph, and a few special words to learn by memory ⎼ as well as engaging stories.

About Fitzroy Readers

The Fitzroy Reader program was designed by an English teacher, and a university lecturer in logic and linguistics, and has since gained a reputation for sound learning principles, logical structure and impressive results. The Fitzroy Readers and support materials are used in thousands of schools and other educational settings in Australia and around the world. 

You can find out more about Fitzroy Readers here.

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