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The Best Phonic Books for Beginner Readers

The Best Phonic Books for Beginner Readers

Learning to read is an exciting time for children and parents. When children start to become aware of speech sounds, they are building the foundation of their literacy. As a child develops phonological awareness, they are able to recognise the sound structure and patterns of words.

Foundation and prep is the perfect time to introduce and use phonic readers.

How do phonic readers work?

Phonics is essentially the mapping of speech sounds and is the most logical and effective way for children to learn to read.

Phonic books help children to decode words by sounding them out, understanding letter patterns, and learning to read the words by sight. By using phonics to introduce letters, words and their specific spelling, many children begin to read long before they can print letters or begin to write fluently.

Every child’s progression is different but all will benefit from learning using a phonic method, both at school and at home.

The best beginner phonic books for your child should have:

  • A gradual, systematic approach and introduction of knowledge one step at a time,
  • Begin with a focus on basic sounds,
  • Plenty of opportunities to practise and consolidate their knowledge,
  • Fun, vibrant images,
  • Engaging activities to extend and test their English literacy skills as they progress.

Choose from our phonic books for beginners:

The Fitzroy Alphabet Book

The Fitzroy Alphabet Book is a pre-reading and writing workbook. It is the perfect introduction for children, as it teaches the basic sounds of all of the letters of the alphabet.The Fitzroy Alphabet Book is filled with pages of enjoyable games and activities, as well as several pages of pre-writing exercises to help develop fine motor skills.

What’s inside?

Children will be able to practise letter recognition, learn the basic sounds of the letters, link letters to images, make their first two-letter words, learn to write the letters, and get acquainted with alphabetical order.

Fitzroy Readers 1-10

This beginner set of readers provides ten phonic stories, giving children all the tools to develop their early literacy skills. It is best suited for Prep or Foundation students, and is the perfect next step along fromThe Fitzroy Alphabet Book.

The fun stories and vibrant pictures are sure to keep even the most distracted children engaged, while the learning techniques will build confidence in young minds.

What’s inside?

The first five readers in this set of ten books each emphasise one basic vowel sound (a, e, i, o and u) and also introduce one or two special words (sight words). Then, from Reader 9, they begin teaching digraphs – starting with oo as in roof.

We recommend using the matching Fitzroy Word Skills 1-10 workbook along with Fitzroy Readers 1-10 to provide a full literacy program.

Fitzroy Readers  1x-10x

The second set of ten phonic books in the beginner readers is the level 1x-10x set. This set helps to consolidate the concepts children have learnt in the first set and allows them time and opportunity to practise and review their skills. This step by step, gradual process is an excellent way for children to learn to read without becoming overwhelmed by too much, too soon.

What’s inside?

This set provides extension and consolidation of the same sounds as in Fitzroy Readers 1-10, with longer words and stories. 

We recommend using the matching Fitzroy Word Skills 1x-10x workbook with Fitzroy Readers 1x-10x to provide a complete literacy program.

For more guidance, take a look at our handy Where to Start guide.

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