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Essentials Pack Voyager | 5 x MP3s + PDF Booklets

This learning kit includes 5 downloadable audio guides.

  • Explore 5 in-depth themes (detailed below)
  • 5x60 minutes audio files (mp3) in French language to improve your pronunciation and intonation
  • 5 PDF transcription booklets. 

Bon voyage - Levels A2/B1

Travel around France with this audiobook which will become your lifesaver! It will help you learn the useful vocabulary and sentences that you need to plan your journey, ask directions, buy your plane or train tickets, make reservations, rent a car and get information.

Bon appétit - Levels A2/B1

Learn how to order in a French restaurant and what to say if you are invited to dinner at home by French people. Thanks to this audio, you will be able to compliment your hosts and feel at ease while talking about food and wine, even in the most fancy French restaurants.

Comment se renseigner - Levels A1/A2

Finding your way or asking for directions, getting information, booking a hotel or asking for advice : listen to this audiobook and you will be able to travel around France without any problems !

Les nombres en français - Levels A1/A2

Do you have to ask the sales assistant to repeat the price in a shop? Do you find it difficult to understand and write down telephone numbers? Gain some self-confidence while learning how to use numbers in French. Practice your numbers and learn how to master them thanks to this audio. 

Shopping en France - Levels A2/B1

Thanks to this downloadable audio you will learn everything about shopping in France. Find out how to attract the attention of the sales assistant or ask them for information, try on clothes, ask for a different size and get information about the price or any discount, all of this in French!