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Essentials Pack Savoir-vivre | 5 x MP3s + PDF Booklets

This learning kit includes 5 downloadable audio guides.

  • Explore 5 in-depth themes (detailed below)
  • 5x60 minutes audio files (mp3) in French language to improve your pronunciation and intonation
  • 5 PDF transcription booklets. 

C'est la vie...en France ! Levels B2/C1

With this audiobook you will learn everything you need to know about the French way of life, cultural differences, the use of "vous" and "tu", and many other tips to help you understand French in everyday life. 

Etre invité - Levels B1/B2

Accepting an invitation, expressing your satisfaction, offering your help or properly thanking someone... This audio book will teach you the necessary vocabulary to help you say the right words or sentences at the right time, to make sure you become a lovely guest!

La politesse - Level B1

Do you know how to congratulate someone, say that you are sorry, give a compliment to someone or ask something in the most polite manner? You will find lots of suggestions to be able to express yourself in a more or less formal manner in all kinds of situations.

Se présenter - Levels A1/A2

What should you say to French people when you meet them for the first time? How do you introduce yourself or someone else? Which questions should you ask and what should you say about yourself, your job or your hobbies?

Bon appétit - Levels A2/B1

Learn how to order in a French restaurant and what to say if you are invited to dinner at home by French people. Thanks to this audio, you will be able to compliment your hosts and feel at ease while talking about food and wine, even in the most fancy French restaurants.