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Essentials Pack S'exprimer | 5 x MP3s + PDF Booklets

This learning kit includes 5 downloadable audio guides.

  • Explore 5 in-depth themes (detailed below)
  • 5x60 minutes audio files (mp3) in French language to improve your pronunciation and intonation
  • 5 PDF transcription booklets. 

Guide de prononciation - All levels A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2

From the alphabet to tongue twisters: improve your French pronunciation thanks to this audiobook and its easy guideline !

The booklet offers you a complete transcript with pronunciation exercises. A necessary tool to improve your French. 

Conversations simples - Levels A2/B1

Learn what to say in various everyday life situations. Become comfortable when you need to talk, ask questions, or simply chit-chat. Thanks to this audio , you will assimilate the essential vocabulary and sentence structures that will help you bond with francophones.

Expressions courantes - Levels B2-C1

When is it correct to use: “Parfait!" “Allez-y!” or “Tant pis!” ? You will learn how and when to use them, to quickly sound like a real French person. Thanks to this audiobook, you will also learn how to pronounce them and how to use them in everyday life situations, thanks to short dialogues.

Conversations entre amis - Levels C1/C2

Improve your ability to engage in spontaneous conversations in French. In this audiobook, you will meet four friends and listen to their conversations, as if you were with them. You will hear them talk about their everyday life at a normal pace, but also discuss various topics.

Expressions idiomatiques - Levels C1-C2

Why “cut the pear in half”, unless you want to eat it? Discover the most common and amusing idiomatic expressions in the French language. This audio  will teach you how to use them in everyday life situations. A translation in English is provided in the support booklet.