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Fitzroy Method: Writing Course

Date: Friday 16 August 2024

Location: Online - live via Zoom

Time: 9:00am - 3:30pm AEDT with a 45 minute lunch break. There will also be several short breaks throughout the day to keep things fresh.

One day in-house training course presented by Jeremy O'Carroll.

The Writing Course teaches a wide array of techniques and strategies to improve persuasive and creative writing. Filled with concrete examples and exercises, it will equip you with the writing know-how to transform the work of even your most challenged students.

Areas covered include:

    • Using mind maps for a near-endless supply of ideas: accessing the power of whole-brain thinking.
      • How to use three-step planning to get your persuasive writing pieces completed more quickly.
        • Child-proof techniques to persuade even a reluctant student.
          • How to work backwards to ensure a coherent argument – and keep kids on point!
            • How to use concrete descriptions to inject life and tension into otherwise dull creative writing.
              • Simple methods for eliminating unnecessary words that dilute the power of your students’ prose.
                • The two keys to making boring dialogue interesting.
                  • How to use mind mapping to plot page-turning fiction.
                    • Choosing the right point-of-view to engage even the most cold-hearted reader.

                      Course Details

                      The presentation will commence at 9:00am AEST and run until 3:30pm, with a 45-min break for lunch. There will also be several short breaks throughout the day to keep things fresh. All participants will receive course notes prior to the day, a personalised digital certificate at the end of the course, and free access to the online modules. (Note: the online Advanced Training course has 50% different course content to the in-house Writing Course.)

                      To secure your place, please make payment 1 week prior to the course date (30 day invoices do not apply). Cancelled places will be offered to those on the waiting list if payment is not received.

                      Please advise us if you’re unable to attend the course no later than 72 hours before the date, to receive a full refund. Cancellations made within the preceding 72 hours of the PD will not be refunded, unless there are genuine extenuating circumstances.

                      Certificates will be sent to all attendees after attending the full days’ training.

                      Course Presenter:

                      Jeremy O'Carroll has been the Fitzroy Method Director of Training for the past 10 years and has trained teachers and parents in many countries around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and Thailand. He is the author of the Fitzroy Readers 11x-20x, The Fitzroy Method Teacher’s Guide and novels Full Speed, The Slob's Guide to the Perfect Job, The Call of the Silver Cockatoo and Dream Divers (soon-to-be-published). He has also lectured and tutored at the University of Melbourne.