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Fitzroy Community School Book

Paperback book, 446 pages, 17cm x 25cm, weighing 620g.

Faye Berryman and Philip O'Carroll founded their own school in 1976, and have:

  • made self-confidence and social skills their most important item on the curriculum
  • made many discoveries of better primary methods for academic subjects
  • worked out how to work closely with parents, including parent participation
  • achieved extraordinary levels in the NAPLAN external assessment program
  • reached high levels without selecting any students on ability
  • managed without costing more than the average state school per child, and
  • still spend less time in classrooms than most schools.

The book includes Faye's story and Philip's story - two books in one. Faye's text is essentially the inside story of the life of the school. Philip's text focuses more on parents' rights and reform proposals for the school industry. Philip and Faye freely share many school practices and methods that yield happier children and greater outcomes.

Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey has commented:

I liked your book. You are brave and sensible people, if I may say so. Congratulations! I hope your pupils will, one day, grasp how fortunate they were.