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Fitzroy Sounds NEW!

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Fitzroy Sounds uses a simple song to introduce the basic phonic letter sounds of the Alphabet, and is suitable for pre-school and foundation level students.


The NEW Fitzroy Sounds is a colourful hard copy booklet with accompanying digital files*.

  • a 56-page, hard copy A5 booklet
  • MP3 track files for each letter of the alphabet
  • a-z printable pages to practice lowercase writing
  • printable page of A-Z capitals, and how to write them 

The booklet displays a two-page spread for each of the twenty-six letters.

Each audio track introduces one letter of the alphabet with a song to emphasise that letter’s basic phonic sound, so young learners can sing along with the music by following the pictures in the booklet. There is also a sing together track that is just the music.

Listen to a sample track here:

Print off the colouring and letter-writing pages to practice writing the letters while listening to the letter songs. 

A 1/2 carton  is 12 copies of the booklet plus files, and a full carton is 24 copies of the booklet plus files.

*Digital files will be delivered via separate email.

MP3 files come in both standard and phonetic versions. For an explanation of the difference, follow this link: The Art of Sounding Out

Fitzroy Sounds leads into the Fitzroy Alphabet Book, Fitzroy Readers and Word Skills 1-10.