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Fitzroy Word Skills 6B - Reader Levels 56-60

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A 76-page A4 write-in workbook to be used with Fitzroy Readers 56-60.

The final pack of Fitzroy Readers, 51-60, is accompanied by two Word Skills workbooks. These final two workbooks complete all areas of the primary English curriculum to a high standard.

Word Skills 6B includes fourteen worksheets for each reader. These worksheets provide a high level of reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar and punctuation exercises, word puzzles, and creative, persuasive and practical writing activities.

Purchase options for the workbooks:

  • Single workbook for individual use.
  • Workbook with 12-month copy permit, available as a physical book or digital file. Suitable for teachers and other professionals who wish to duplicate the contents of the book on one campus. A FREE Answer Book 6B also included with School Copy Permit. 
  • Carton of 30 of the same workbook.