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Fitzroy Readers 51-60

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A boxed set of ten phonic readers, for year six level students and beyond.

Fitzroy Readers 51-60 is the ninth and final pack in the series. Each reader in 51-60 introduces one or two new sounds, many of which are single-letter extra sounds, such as y in myth, o in won, and a in path. Each reader also introduces up to ten special words (sight words), including cello, vaguely and echoed. Students who can comfortably read this set are able to engage with general literature, such as magazines, newspapers and novels.

We recommend using the matching Fitzroy Word Skills 51-55  and Fitzroy Word Skills 56-60 workbooks with Fitzroy Readers 51-60 to provide a full literacy program. Audio for Fitzroy Readers 51-60 is also available as Audio 51-55 and Audio 55-60.

Save $50 when purchasing 6 sets or $120 when buying a carton of 12 boxed sets.